Being connected to The Girls & Boys Brigade was Mongolian mother, Bolormaa’s only hope during COVID-19. 

Bolormaa’s family moved to Australia in 2016 so her husband could study a Masters in Business. They both worked casual jobs but when lockdown hit in March 2020, Bolormaa was laid off from her job in a nail salon. Being on student visas, their family was ineligible for any government assistance. 

With everyone at home, including their two children, life was put on hold but the bills did not stop. With the kids’ school fees and her husbands’ university fees to pay for, and little income coming in, there wasn’t much money left for anything else. 

Thankfully Bolormaa was able to get weekly grocery packs through our pantry service which meant the family was able to put food on the table and it was one less thing to stress about. 

Bolormaa said “During lockdown, we really appreciated having The Girls & Boys Brigade to help us. Our kids were able to learn English and they were able to connect through online groups. Staying in touch meant a lot to us.” 

Thanks to your support, families like Bolormaa are able to get help through our pantry services when they are struggling to make ends meet. Your support is a lifeline for many families within our community.