Meaningful ways to spend volunteer days

The Girls & Boys Brigade offers high-impact volunteer opportunities to suit a variety of corporations. Not only will they provide your team with a fun, fulfilling day out of the office, but it will also provide our children and youth with the chance to enjoy activities that are typically outside of the budget.

Accompany the children on a thrilling adventure to the movies, or bring the excitement to them with a music & movement workshop held at our centre. For the ultimate unforgettable experience, join the children on a trip to one of Sydney’s iconic theatres as many of them experience live performance for the very first time.

To discover which of these opportunities are right for your organisation, please view the Corporate Volunteering PDF. Contact information is available on the final page of the document when you’re ready to discuss next steps.

I’m interested in volunteering with my team.

If you are interested in exploring corporate volunteering options, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form, or email Donna Taanman at [email protected].