Homework is BACK!! and we have YOU to thank!

As we head into term two, I am excited to share that one of my favourite services we offer, The Homework Program, has started again.

The Homework Program is one of our more popular activities and rightfully so because it can shape a child’s future. The bonds they form with the volunteers is invaluable as some have been there helping the children for over 10 years! Only a staggeringly low percentage of disadvantaged children will break out of the poverty cycle. Recent research* has found that only 14 per cent of girls and 22 per cent of boys will be able to break out of poverty in their lifetimes, but thanks to incredible supporters like you, we are helping change that.

The Homework program provides a space for our children and youth to be nurtured and encouraged. We aim to provide them with the tools to help them keep on top of their schoolwork and reach their potential. Thanks to you, they can see a hopeful future!