Building Redevelopment Project, Completed 2023

The Girls & Boys Brigade building on Riley Street has provided a home away from home for countless children, youth, and families. Since it was first completed in 1912, it has served us well, providing welcoming and happy spaces to run our programs. It had received minor improvements over the years, but was in need of significant upgrades to make it fit for purpose.

Thanks to very generous funding and the collaborative efforts of many individuals and organisations, the basement and main floor have been updated to make The Girls & Boys Brigade a more functional, accessible, and beautiful place to be! We are particularly excited about the addition of a lift that services all levels of the building, ensuring that people of all abilities can access our programs. The building has played a tremendous role in The Girls & Boys Brigade’s past, and we look forward to this continuing through our present and future.

The final outcome of this project is a shining example of what can be achieved through successful collaboration.

  • When Property Industry Foundation became aware of our need for upgrades, they were eager to help. Throughout the process, they spent countless hours liaising with their partners, who donated furniture, flooring, paint, building materials, and even a kitchen from an Italian showroom that was adapted to fit our space.
  • Hayball architects conducted a series of workshops with our staff and our children, allowing them to communicate their needs and dreams for the space. They honoured these perspectives through their plans to build a lift that would service all levels of the building, as well as an upgraded basement with sports-grade floor and toilets that are comfortable and welcoming for children of all abilities.
  • Unispace helped us find innovative solutions for the main floor, creating spaces that would serve the needs of each program. Their idea to create a meeting room for staff and an intimate, soundproof space for our Family Support Program has made a tremendously positive difference to our operations, and their attention to detail in the youth room, homework room, and foyer has transformed the look, feel, and functionality of each space.
  • Taylor Australia faced many challenges while managing the construction on our over 110-year-old building, and took special care in handling each one. They ensured that their team understood the significance of the work we do, and showed respect for the historical significance of the building throughout their work.

Our deepest thanks to these organisations, and the many other community partners who made contributions to this project. Our new space is so loved by the children, youth, and families who come here, and we are so grateful.