A ‘Home Away from Home’

Our Children’s Program provides access to education and recreation, so children can have happy, memorable childhoods. We provide programs outside of school hours for primary school children aged 5-12. Every child is unique and we provide the tailored services needed to support their long-term wellbeing.

Our centre is an inclusive environment that is respectful of the diverse range of the children’s backgrounds, values and beliefs.

Homework Program

Our Homework Program is open every day of the school term. It’s a relaxing, fun and inclusive space where children can develop a love of learning. Our friendly volunteers provide guided assistance for reading and schoolwork and are always there to listen and provide encouragement.

The Homework Program provides access to the internet, computers and other technological resources. This helps bridge the technology gap that some of our children face by helping them to complete online homework and develop IT skills.

We work closely with parents and local schools to deliver positive outcomes for individual children who face learning challenges or are falling behind. Through long-term support, we help children to develop their confidence, build stable working habits, and improve their pathways to future study.

Homework Program
Vacation Care
Vacation Care

Our Vacation Care Program gives children free, adventure-filled school holidays. Our activities include wildlife encounters, sports workshops and visits to local attractions. This gives parents confidence that their children will not face any barriers to having fulfilling and memorable school holidays.

Our Vacation Care is designed to introduce children to new environments and ways of thinking. We encourage our children to take part in experiences that push them outside their comfort zone and grow their confidence. This gives them the chance to envisage a more fulfilling future for themselves.

Adventure Camps

Camps give children aged 9-12 the chance to venture away from home for a weekend. They allow children to have first-time experiences, such as staying on a farm, exploring the Blue Mountains or enjoying a seaside holiday. Camps help children to develop friendships, create a support network and increase their sense of belonging. Through adventure-focused activities, our camps challenge children to become confident and independent individuals.

Adventure Camps


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We have been on a tight budget since moving here last year and my husband could only afford to take a few days off during Christmas to be home. Having the Vacation Care program has been such a big help for our family. Thank you for giving our kids amazing memories, for the outings, activities, gifts, pantry bags, and afternoon tea. Being a part of the GBB family has been one of the highlights in our kid’s lives.
The Robinson Family
A family at The Girls & Boys Brigade
Children’s Program