Stefan Lamour-Jansson
Executive Officer

Stefan has over 15 years of experience working in the recreation and leisure industry, with over 10 of those years in management roles with responsibility for some of the largest contracts in the country. He started his career as a swimming coach and has been involved in teaching children of all ages in a range of different sports. Stefan is an alumnus of The Girls & Boys Brigade and is committed to ensuring the success and stability of the centre for generations of children, youth and families of the area.

Andrea Molloy
Finance Officer & Company Secretary

Andrea started with the Brigade in 2004 and enjoys her role looking after all the finances for the Brigade. Using her experience in banking and computer systems, Andrea has been able to help the Brigade stay up to date in financial management and install systems to streamline its financial operations. Andrea enjoys the challenges that working for a small charity can bring and loves the sound of children’s voices through the building.

Susan Cameron-Jung, Programs Manager – Parental Leave Contract

Susan Cameron-Jung brings a wealth of experience to her role as Program Manager at The Girls & Boys Brigade, where she is currently fulfilling a year-long parental leave contract. With 20+ years of leadership experience in disability, community services, and training and development roles, Susan has a proven track record of improving service provision for both adults and young people. She is passionate about advocating for inclusion and human rights for all.

Diane Crawford
Programs Manager – Parental Leave

Originally from Scotland, Diane holds a Bachelor of Social Work and has been supporting young people and their families for over 15 years in various roles. She has spent a large portion of her career in the Out of Home Care sector, supporting young people who are living away from their families. Diane is passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, helping them navigate life’s challenges with resilience and determination.

Stephanie Fett
Family Support Coordinator

Stephanie has 36 years of experience working in the community sector. She holds a Masters in International Social Work and community development, a Bachelor of Welfare and a qualification in grief and trauma counselling, with this she has had the opportunity to work in Homelessness, Addictions, Disability, Childcare, Family Support, Out of Home Care, Youth, Health, Community Development. Steph is a coastal girl where she brought up her family on the Mid North Coast of NSW, so you will often find her at the beach on days off.

Mel Fletcher
Program Coordinator

Mel has worked in the Community Services sector for over 10 years. She started working with children when she moved to the Gold Coast in 2014. Mel worked for Choice, Passion, Life and worked closely with children and young people living in care. Mel was involved in after school care and vacation care programs as well as doing her teacher aide course and working casually in Gold Coast special needs schools.

Bill Porter
Program Coordinator

Bill has been working in the youth sector for three years and is currently studying his Diploma in Youth Work. He worked at The Girls & Boys Brigade as a casual for two years before coming on board as the Youth Support Officer in 2019. Bill is keen to encourage young people to work on their fitness and nutrition and loves using his interest in art, graphic design & sports to inspire young people to find their drive and passion.

Hannah Rose
Program Coordinator

Hannah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Social Studies in Social Care from Ireland, where she worked with children, youth, and families in her roles as a youth worker and an educator on a children’s program. Hannah finds great fulfilment in working with young people and encouraging them to reach their full potential. She holds the belief that every child deserves to have at least one positive role model in their life, and strives to be that guiding influence for the young people she meets.

Curly Fernandez
Program Coordinator

With over two decades of dedicated experience as an educator and program facilitator, Curly is a passionate advocate committed to supporting education, creativity, and inclusivity. Having worked with organisations such as The Humour Foundation, Australian Theatre For Young People, Poetry in Action, The Opera House, Powerhouse Museum, and The Department of Education’s Arts Unit, Curly has honed expertise in engaging with marginalized communities. He is eager to bring his skills to The Girls and Boys Brigade, fostering a supportive environment for all young people to thrive.

Camilla Fitzsimmons
Program Support Officer

Camilla has been working at the GBB as a casual educator for almost ten years, witnessing numerous children and youth thrive through their experiences at the organization. As she nears the completion of her Bachelor of Education, Camilla recognises how much she has learned by working with the children and youth at the GBB. Beyond her professional and educational pursuits, Camilla’s passions extend to yoga, gardening, going to the beach, enjoying a good book, or catching up with friends and family.

Rebecca Lamour
Program Support Officer

Originally from France, Rebecca brings a diverse background to her role as Program Support Officer. She started her career in the arts, working on notable projects including the opening of the Queen Victoria Building. In the 1990s she earned her Diploma of Education and began her transition into teaching. Rebecca is passionate about improving educational outcomes for the children in her care, and loves to celebrate their achievements.

Donna Taanman
Fundraising Manager

Donna has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 20 years across a variety of organisations including international aid, health, environmental and disability organisations. She fell in love with fundraising as a career when she saw the difference that could be made in the community. Donna is hands on and involved with all aspects of fundraising and loves working with the committed and passionate team members of The Girls and Boys Brigade.

Isabelle Bennett
Fundraising Communications Coordinator

Isabelle holds a degree in journalism and brings a depth of experience in writing, design, and photography to The Girls & Boys Brigade. Fuelled by a genuine belief in the impact of authentic storytelling, she’s excited to merge her passion for narratives with her love for children. In her role, Isabelle is committed to leveraging her skills to raise funds, ensuring that The Girls & Boys Brigade can provide valuable opportunities and services to support young people and families.

Gemma Clendining
Fundraising Impact Coordinator

Gemma has been working in the Not-For-Profit sector as a grants writer and impact measurement manager for over 2 years. With a Master’s of Research in Anthropology, her strong research skills are a valuable addition to The Girls & Boys Brigade. Gemma is excited to leverage her skills to help measure and communicate the positive impact of The Girls & Boys Brigade, enhancing their fundraising efforts and showcasing the real difference they are making in the community.