Stefan Lamour-Jansson
Executive Officer

Stefan has over 15 years of experience working in the recreation and leisure industry, with over 10 of those years in management roles with responsibility for some of the largest contracts in the country. He started his career as a swimming coach and has been involved in teaching children of all ages in a range of different sports. Stefan is an ex-student of The Girls & Boys Brigade and is committed to ensuring the continued future success and stability of the centre for generations of children, youth and families of the area. Stefan grew up with a love of animals, and has had almost every different pet you can imagine! Stefan is holding a photo of himself as a five-year-old with his pet rabbit “Oliver Twitch”.

Andrea Molloy
Finance Officer & Company Secretary

Andrea started with the Brigade in 2004 and enjoys her role looking after all the finances for the Brigade. Using her experience in banking and computer systems, Andrea has been able to help the Brigade stay up to date in financial management and install systems to streamline its financial operations. Andrea enjoys the challenges that working for a small charity can bring and loves the sound of children’s voices through the building. Andrea is holding a photo of herself at a cousins wedding in the 1960s, a great time for dressing up!

Tory Leary
Administration Officer

Tory recently moved from Brisbane to Sydney after working with Netball Queensland as the Program Coordinator for Netball Clinics and Walking Netball. She enjoys working with children and youth and holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and a Diploma of Business. Tory is passionate about helping children and youth realise their full potential. Tory grew up loving sport and being outdoors. She is holding a photo of herself at age five, a time when she loved playing with her hula hoop.

Tracy Clifton
Programs Manager

Tracy has worked in the sector for 18 years and holds a Diploma of Youth Work and Bachelor of Social Work. Starting at The Girls & Boys Brigade in 2004, Tracy’s desire to see young people have equal access to opportunities has been a large part of her focus, and her current role as Programs Manager builds on the deep connections she has developed with families. A local herself, Tracy enjoys seeing the progression of children and youth as they become valuable and productive members of their community. Tracy is holding a picture of herself at age five and a half, heading off to her second year at school. It didn’t matter that the bag was half the size of her, Tracy would not have anything other than her favourite orange school bag!

Rebecca Mackay
Family Support Coordinator

Rebecca is the Family Support Coordinator at The Girls & Boys Brigade. Rebecca’s background is as a Social Worker, having worked previously in the healthcare system and in case management and crisis-facing roles in the Domestic and Family Violence sector. Rebecca is passionate about social justice in the local community and building relationships with the people around her. Rebecca is holding a photo that was taken when she was six, wearing a fashionable fake pearl necklace and bright pink handbag: proof that a love of accessorising starts at a young age!

Bill Porter
Youth Coordinator

Bill has been working in the youth sector for three years and is currently studying his Diploma in Youth Work. He worked at The Girls & Boys Brigade as a casual for two years before coming on board as the Youth Support Officer in 2019. Bill is keen to encourage young people to work on their fitness and nutrition and loves using his interest in art, graphic design & sports to inspire young people to find their drive and passion. Bill is holding a picture of himself as a nine-year-old fullback for the mighty Dundas Valley Vikings.

Mel Fletcher
Program Coordinator

Mel has worked in the Community Services sector for over 10 years. She started working with children when she moved to the Gold Coast in 2014. Mel worked for Choice, Passion, Life and worked closely with children and young people living in care. Mel was involved in after school care and vacation care programs as well as doing her teacher aide course and working casually in Gold Coast special needs schools. Mel is holding a photo at age seven, an age when she loved riding her BMX with friends.

Stu Wright
Program Coordinator

Stu has spent many years working in public health, developing, delivering and evaluating state-wide health programs targeting those most in need of support for their health and wellbeing. Stu also has plenty of experience working with children, in particular, youth engagement, sport and outdoor activities. He started his career working as an exercise physiologist, assisting people through injury rehab programs as well as disease management programs before finding his true passion, developing and delivering programs to meet the needs of various communities. Stu is holding a photo of himself playing baseball. As a kid, Stu loved playing baseball as well as almost any other sport: not much has changed over the years.

Camilla Fitzsimmons
Program Coordinator

Camilla has worked at The Girls and Boys Brigade for a number of years as a casual educator in the After School Care and Vacation Care programs. This year, Camilla has been employed as a Program Coordinator on a part-time basis, with one of her roles being the Homework Room Supervisor. Camilla is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts/ Education (Early Childhood/ Primary). Camilla is holding a photo taken on her eighth birthday!

Roslyn Miller
Fundraising Manager

Roslyn has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for nearly 20 years. Originally employed as a Sales Manager in the Technology Sector, Roslyn wanted to use those skills to raise funds to benefit charities. She has been involved with a number of charities, both big and small, including Cancer Council NSW, The Mirabel Foundation, & Asthma Foundation Victoria. Roslyn’s passion is philanthropy and how we can all be involved. Roslyn is holding a photo of herself playing the piano. She enjoyed tinkering on the piano and playing tunes for her family and friends.

Emma Stubley
Fundraising Coordinator

Emma is the Fundraising Coordinator at The Girls & Boys Brigade. She has a background in corporate events, developing bespoke conferences for the government, education and private sectors. She has a passion for creativity, writing and innovation which she uses when creating communications for the Brigade and managing its digital fundraising. Emma is holding a photo of herself at age six, dressed as one of the Seven Dwarfs for her end-of-year dance concert.

Lily Thompson
Trainee Support Officer

Lily is The Girls & Brigade’s Trainee. Her role consists of assisting with administrative work as well as spending time with the children in the afternoons. During her time at the Brigade, she hopes to create the same fond memories she holds from her childhood for the children of the Brigade. Lily is holding a photo of herself from her first week of Kindergarten, an age that she loved dressing up and The Wiggles.