Why join the GBB Giving Family

When you join the GBB Giving Family, you’ll be in the company of an extraordinary group of individuals who are committed to making a difference to children, youth and families.

Monthly donations help us to plan effectively for the long-term needs of our community. Your monthly gift will ensure that:

  • Children and youth’s afternoons are filled with endless moments of joy and laughter.
  • Children and youth can discover exciting opportunities and experiences during the holidays.
  • Our door is always open for families to seek help at times when they need it most.

You can pledge any amount you want to give each month. Once you’ve made your initial gift, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s an easy, affordable, no hassle way to make an impact.

What you’ll get

Monthly Giving is a wonderful way to know your support is making the biggest impact.


As a valued member of the GBB Giving Family, you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive stories about the children and youth you’re helping.
  • News about the impact you’re making.
  • A yearly tax receipt to summarise your giving.
What you'll get
Be in control
Be in control

You are in control of your giving with the GBB Giving Family.


You are welcome to adjust your monthly gift at any time based on your personal budget and everyday expenses.


To access information on your monthly giving or request to make a change, please:

Make the greatest impact with a monthly gift