Update from the Executive Officer
We fostered inclusion during difficult times, all thanks to you!

As we continue to adjust to our new normal way of living with the ongoing pandemic, our priority is our children and youth.

Your help ensures we can constantly adapt our programs and services to meet their needs.

Because of your support, we have been able to take our educational programs online and find innovative ways to hold the Vacation Care Program inside our building. These are just some of the changes you have helped make possible so the children and youth of The Girls & Boys Brigade can stay engaged.

Young people deserve to learn in a fun, safe and engaging environment and it’s important to us that we stay dynamic and respond to their current needs and wants.

Our children have a diverse array of learning and physical abilities, health and home circumstances that require significant resources and assistance. I am proud that we can offer every child an innovative and unique program that allows them to feel heard, find their independence and most importantly, be included. Inclusion is incredibly important to developing a child’s social and communication skills and our focus is to ensure that during the pandemic, these skills can continue to develop both inside the Brigade and online. Thank you for providing incredible support to the families we serve. Together, we can continue changing the lives of the children and youth at The Girls & Boys Brigade.

Stefan Lamour-Jansson, Executive Officer