Each week between February and April, ten children and youth were invited by local creative agency, Special Group, to take part in a photography workshop. 

The workshops were hosted by iconic photographers out of Special Group’s converted art gallery on Devonshire street.

The children embraced their creativity and captured photos of many different subjects, from their local community to portraits of each other and GBB staff.

“We have long believed that creativity is such a powerful and important way for children to both express themselves and build self-esteem,” said Dave Hartmann from Special Group. “Given that we’re in the creative industry, and we work out of an art gallery – it felt like a great opportunity to help the Brigade.”

The children and youth learnt to use quality cameras kindly supplied by Cannon Australia for this project. The theme of the project was called – ‘With New Eyes’ and through it, they have learnt how to share their perspective and appreciation for the people and places around them.

“The workshops are a reminder that creativity doesn’t discriminate. It’s in everyone – especially every child! They all have their own magical perspective, story and ability to share,” Dave told us. “I have loved it!”

Robert, a volunteer at The Girls & Boys Brigade joined the children and youth each week at the workshops. A student of photography at UTS, he enjoyed encouraging their creativity and helping them use their cameras.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure watching them get excited about photography, and seeing how they engage with the guest photographers and each other during each session,” said Robert. “I hope they continue practicing photography long into their futures.”

At the end of the workshops, the children and youth selected their favourite photo to be exhibited in the gallery at Special Group. The exhibition was held on the 27th May to showcase their work to their families, friends and community. 

It’s all thanks to supporters like you and partners in our community, that our children have new experiences like the photography workshops. Thank you for helping them develop new creative skills and interests.