Sasha was five years old when she joined The Girls & Boys Brigade’s After School program. Sasha’s dad was terminally ill, and her mum was forced to raise and provide for Sasha alone. Sasha’s mum wanted a normal routine for her daughter. 

“Having a safe space to relax was so valuable. Looking back, I realise how important it was to be around children who were living through similar experiences to me but also to have adults in my life who taught me that my future held endless opportunities,” Sasha shared. 

“A huge part of my childhood memories are the adventures I had with The Girls & Boys Brigade,” Sasha shared. Some of my favourite memories were the long bus rides to go on weekend camps to Jervis Bay and Cooma. These trips were so special to me and allowed me to bond with the other kids and make lifelong friends.”

Sasha remembers fondly participating in the Youth Program.

We were treated as adults, I was always respected by the staff, who encouraged me to reach for my goals, which at times felt impossible due to my circumstances. I participated in “TeenFit” and the program taught me the importance of nutrition and exercise. It allowed my self-esteem to grow, and I realised how good I was at long-distance running.”

Sasha has since lived, studied and travelled the world. Now 32 years old, and back in Sydney with her partner, she hopes to start her own family soon.

“I am truly thankful to have had The Girls & Boys Brigade, they were an invaluable part of shaping me into the person I am today,” she said.

Your incredible support is helping kids like Sasha get the valuable care they need to help shape their future.