Chiho & Faith were saved here, now Chiho is giving back

As a single parent, Chiho was studying nursing full-time as well as caring for her five-year-old daughter Faith. She was finding the demands difficult and couldn’t keep relying on friends to take care of her child. Chiho was referred to The Girls & Boys Brigade by her local community and Faith went on to attend until she was 18. 

The Girls & Boys Brigade was a refuge for Faith and Chiho. Faith had a safe place to go after school and on the holidays, along with somewhere she could complete her homework projects.

Faith remembers fondly the encouragement she received from the teachers to develop her passion and skills for painting and drawing. Thanks to the Brigade’s support, she has continued her love for art and has decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist.

The one thing that stands out to Faith from her time at the Brigade is the sense of family she felt with the other kids and teachers. Faith also believes the Brigade is where she learnt to communicate confidently with people. “There were so many kids with different backgrounds and we learnt to play, talk and all get along with each other,” she shared.

Chiho says she and Faith would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for The Girls & Boys Brigade and their supporters.  

“I feel Faith and I were so privileged that she was able to have so many incredible experiences at The Girls & Boys Brigade. They were able to take her to places that I just wasn’t able to. She got to grow up like other kids and have the same experiences and I am so grateful for that,” Chiho said. 

 Now, Chiho wants to give back. She chooses to support The Girls & Boys Brigade with a regular, monthly gift and has included us in her Will. 

“It’s really important to look after our younger generation so when they become adults, they can support our society. Kids should have the chance to be ‘just kids’ and if I can support that then I will do what I can,” she said.