Thank you for feeding and nourishing our community during Lockdown.

Thanks to our incredibly caring supporters like you and some generous local businesses, we have been able to provide fresh takeaway dinners to our families during the lockdown period.

Every week our team delivers freshly cooked, gourmet meals to families who need a break, taking the stress out of cooking dinner for the night.

It has been wonderful to share in a families’ excitement when receiving a nourishing meal. The simple act of not having to cook for one night makes an incredible difference to their wellbeing. Lockdown has continued to put pressure on our families and demand for support has increased.

A special mention to OzHarvest, Foodbank, Burrow Bar, Arthouse Kitchen, Symbols of Hope and Antidote Essentials who have been instrumental in this wonderful initiative.

1000 resons to say thank you during lockdown


educational supplies delivered


Takeaway meals delivered to families


Essential grocery packs delivered


supportive phone calls made

Supporting Youth through the HSC
I don’t know what I would have done without the Youth Program being there to support me through my HSC trials. Being stuck at home during lockdown was hard. But it was the friendly phone calls and encouraging emails I received from the GBB that reminded me to keep trying and not give up.
Youth Program Participant
Thank you for providing a safe haven

“After overcoming 15 weeks of hard lockdown, I can’t thank you, our valued supporters, enough for giving our children and youth a safe place to go in this challenging time,” said Stefan Lamour-Jasson, Executive Officer.

The Girls & Boys Brigade has continued operating under the same restrictions as schools. This allowed us to stay open to children and youth who were identified as vulnerable and to assist parents who are essential workers.

These children and youth cherished the time they spent in the centre and with friends because many of them don’t have the space or access to technology in their home to study and learn.

Keeping kids connected online

Because of our generous supporters, our new online portal went live in time for the September school holidays.

This meant that children who were unable to attend The Girls & Boys Brigade due to Lockdown restrictions were still able to access our programs. The children have enjoyed fun activities and receiving resources for things to make at home.

They have even been sending in pictures of themselves at home to stay in touch with friends!

It feels like yesterday that we were doing summersaults on the mats and playing bullrush in the basement. I can’t count how many times we got in trouble for running, but it never stopped us.
Past Attendee of the Brigade, 1992 -1998
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