Jess has been tutoring HSC students for nearly 2 years now while studying full time at the University of Sydney. So, when she heard about an opportunity to tutor HSC students at The Girls & Boys Brigade, she was so excited to be part of the team. 

Tutoring students during COVID-19 presented some challenges with an inability to offer in-person tutoring, so Jess used online collaborative tools such as Zoom and Google Documents to work with students in real time. Though the occassional internet issue interupted lessons, the students were always eager to participate. 

“I usually find many HSC students do tasks just to get them ‘over with’ and only to complete their final year of schooling. However, The Girls & Boys Brigade students  genuinely enjoyed learning the content they had been given and were keen to be present in each and every session.”

“I enjoyed seeing the improvement within the students and watching them enjoy learning. While I saw an improvement in the technical skills of the students such as writing fluency and grammar, the largest difference I noticed was their boost in confidence and self-belief. ” Jess said. 

Our students handled everything that 2020 threw at them with so much grace. Every student gained belief in their own abilities which allowed them to move past any mistakes quicker and proceed onto greater things. 

Thank you Jess for sharing your time and skills to ensure our year 12 students flourished!