Before the school year ended and the Vacation Care started, the Homework Room was in full force for all of 2021. We saw many great examples of improvements in literacy and numeracy throughout the year, with one story especially standing out.  

Ben started the year without being able to read, nor could he sound out the alphabet. School, and in particular reading, were both very challenging for him. He made a few trips into the Homework Room in early 2021, before he began to avoid it and the frustrations that came with reading.  

As the year went on, Ben started to develop a really strong interest in reading. He first mastered the alphabet and the various sounds that each letter and combination of letters makes, before he began to read some of the many books we have available in the Homework Room.  

By term four, Ben had become a passionate reader. He not only visited the Homework Room every afternoon, he was now reading at home in his spare time as well. He is now a regular borrower from our Homework Room library too.  

Ben is one of many children who have shone brightly in the Homework Room this past year. His new passion and ability for reading has really lifted the spirits of all of our staff.