The youth always look forward to eating dinner together on Wednesday nights, but last week’s event was extra special as we welcomed a youth centre in Woolloomooloo to join us. Our goal was simple: make this dinner special, ensuring the youth enjoyed it so much that it could become a regular event, with the added possibility of exciting excursions around Sydney using our new bus – perhaps one involving pizza on Bondi Beach!

To ensure the menu would appeal to our young guests, I spoke with their youth coordinator and we identified a common favourite: chicken. A creative suggestion was made to create charcoal chicken wraps, similar to those served at El Jannah. With the plan in motion, we picked up the supplies: chicken, Lebanese bread, tabouli, hummus, pickles, and garlic sauce. We were all set for the best dinner night yet.

Our dinner night typically runs from 5:30 to 7:00 PM, and the Woolloomooloo youth arrived right on schedule. It was awesome to witness the connections formed between some of our regular youth and the newcomers. They immediately engaged in FIFA matches on the new PS5, while others enjoyed games of Jenga and Uno.

In the spirit of teamwork, two hungry youth eagerly volunteered to help with the wrap preparation. Together, we carved the succulent roast chicken and arranged all the ingredients neatly in separate bowls, setting the table with anticipation. As the evening descended, the time to dine together had arrived.

As per dinner night tradition, we kindly asked all the youth to temporarily put away their tech gadgets to fully enjoy each other’s company and conversation during dinner.  The conversation flowed effortlessly, and the room was filled with an infectious energy that warmed our hearts.

This special collaboration marked the beginning of what we hope will become a recurring event, not only sharing delicious food but also fostering connections, laughter, and unforgettable memories. As we move forward, we’re excited about the prospect of more creative dinners, fun outings, and most importantly, the joy of building a strong and vibrant community with the Woolloomooloo youth.

Stay tuned for more adventures and heartwarming moments as we embark on this journey together!